Affordable, Delicious Convenience Meals at Rondebosch Main

Quick. Easy. Convenient. 

If you live close to Rondebosch, you’ve got the Rondebosch Main Centre right on your doorstep. Not only does it have many exciting restaurants to choose from, but if you want something quick & convenient to take home, they’ve got that too. With the world slowly opening up, and worker bees going back to grind, we want fast and we want it tasty.

Support local food outlets & your wallet at Rondebosch Main & the Ronsyn Building!


Healthy and delicious wraps, sandwiches, bowls, juices and smoothies, plus a muffin, protein bar and cup of coffee. Rest assured these are all fresh and good for you! Their peanut butter bomb smoothie is like no other! – 021 689 1237.


Flame-grilled to retain all the juices, enjoy chicken wrapped, sandwiched in a burger, stripped or just prettily perched on your plate, with sides of spicy potato wedges, mielie dripping with butter, savoury rice, coleslaw or pap. They also do great mocktails and desserts! – 021 685 3757. They are open for take-away and dine-in.


The classic Southern fried chicken – oh, so comforting and seasoned to perfection. A side of chips, mash and gravy or coleslaw will make this complete. If you like it spicy, we dare you to try your tongue at their famous zinger wings or burgers. – 021 685 3111.


These guys have certainly come up in the world with more variety than ever in the form of beef, boerewors and chicken burgers, fold-overs, salads and even a vegetarian burger, which is pretty good! They still serve their famous skinny fries, sprinkled with salt, with their equally popular tangy ketchup. – 0860 000 040.


Flame-grilled just tastes better, right? They never disappoint with succulent beef or chicken burgers and now also vegetarian burgers, with their famous sauces and signature chip seasoning. Fancy a little steak? Grab a perfectly grilled steak roll with fresh lettuce, tomato, onion and gherkin. Located opposite Rondebosch Main at the Ronsyn building, you can call them on 021 686 6961.


Pizza! You can never go wrong with pizza – especially if it’s layered. Where else can you get three pizzas in one, but at Debonairs? Thin and crispy, double stacked or crammed, yum yum! Also located in the Ronsyn building, give them a call on 021 685 5326.

Pizza Hut

Cheesy pizza, fiery for the brave and creamy for the indulgent, or a combination of the two if you like a little bit of everything. Get the Big Boss from the Big Boss of Pizza – 3 pizzas in one, 36 slices of cheesy deliciousness, for only R199!? Yes please. Call and collect or request delivery. 021 060 0056.

Visit Rondebosch Main & the Ronsyn Building today to get the best of all worlds with tasty convenience just a few steps away. 

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