Win 2 Tickets to a South-East Asian Interactive Cooking Class by The Kitchen Collective

Join The Kitchen Collective on Thursday, the 22nd October from 18h30, on a foodie journey to Vietnam and Malaysia with this South East Asian inspired cooking experience.

These interactive cooking experience allow guests to cook alongside the fully trained Kitchen Collective Team and create mouth-watering meals which are eaten as they are prepared. It is a relaxed ‘class’ as it allows you to get as involved as you want to, but should you wish to simply enjoy the beautiful surroundings, a glass of wine or a chat with a friend, this is totally in order.

One of the exciting elements to this menu is that they bravely re-create the Vietnamese noodle soup commonly known as Pho (said “fuh” by many). This infamous dish, often only found in good Asian restaurants, is a fascination for many, whole youtube channels and chef’s lives are dedicated to finding the secret to the most beautiful and balanced dish. So join us and let’s play.

Last but not least, everyone knows that curry is always better the next day, so as the Spring days warm up our weeks and months, perfect this Laksa curry which you can totally eat in the light of the fridge the next day!

What’s on the South-East Asian Menu?

On arrival:
Peanut and Lime Hummus with Crudite
Beef Steak Pho (Vietnamese Noodle Soup)
Fragrant Malaysian Laksa Curry
Sticky Rice Pudding with Papaya or Mango

P.S.: If you book before Friday, the 16th, you can claim a R500 discount and book two spots for only R1000. Contact for more info

Win 2 Tickets to the South-East Asian Cooking Class worth R1,500.

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