(Vegan) Burger & Fries Special with Harringtons Cocktail Lounge

Have you been missing Harringtons Cocktail Lounge as much as we have?

While we’ve been enjoying Harrington Cocktail Lounge’s online parties and home deliveries – nothing quite comes close to a Harry’s pizza or burger, and there’s certainly nothing simple about these classic favourites. And while they’re not yet open for sit-down dining, they’re keeping us fed with new burger & fries offerings.

Whether you’re a veggie or a carnivore, get new mouthwatering burgers from Harringtons Cocktail Lounge. Choose from these options:

The Veg a Bond Burger (Vegan)

  • Homemade burger of brown rice, black beans, walnuts and homemade VBQ [Vegan Barbi-Q] Sauce served on a basil pesto toasted bun with tempura green beans and marinated courgettes. R90

Veg a fries – Re Loaded

  • Skin-on Rustic fries with parsley salt drenched in homemade vegan cheese sauce and sprinkled with crispy fried onions. R39

Jack Daniel’s Chipotle Cheese Bomb Burger

  • Served alongside fries loaded with cheese sauce, and bacon bits and drizzled with Jack Daniel’s basting. R125.00

Jack Daniel’s Chipotle Cheese Bomb Burger

  • R90.00 (Burger Only)

Loaded Fries

  • with Cheese Sauce, and bacon bits and drizzled. R 39

Order online with www.Harringtonstreet.co.za or on Mr D Food or directly via Whatapp on 0791285289.

Directions to Harrington’s Cocktail Lounge
61B Harrington street
Cape Town
021 461 2276

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