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  • R99 Ribs & Wings at Brocka on Rondebosch Main

    A new R99 restaurant special has just hit the southern suburbs! Brocka is known for BIG – big burgers, big steak, big ribs and even bigger milkshakes. If you’re hungry, Brocka’s the place to go. They also have delicious, fully loaded waffles on the sweet end and cheesy, filled fries on the savoury and a […] More

  • Nandos Chicken + Any Side from R49 at Rondebosch Main

    Keep it all to yourself – no sharing with this special. Nandos is known for succulent flame-grilled chickens in flavourful lemon and herby goodness, Mozam paprika with a zing and the hotness for the brave. Theirs is a flavour you don’t get anywhere else, from chicken to mielies drenched in butter, crisp potato wedges with […] More

  • Try Variety Coffee Box from Peacock Tea & Coffee at Rondebosch Main

    Peacock Tea & Coffee are now are offering a NEW variety coffee pack that is perfect for all coffee lovers. Whether you are a experienced coffee  expert or just an enthusiast who enjoys the taste of a nice cup of coffee in the morning, this variety pack is the perfect box for you. Not only […] More

  • 2+1 Sushi Combo at Asami’s at Rondebosch Main

    Are you looking for great value? Then you’ve come to the right place. Asami’s, conveniently located in Rondebosch’s Main Road, will take care of all your Asian food cravings, hankerings and longings – exciting your taste-buds with authentic Sushi, Chinese and Thai dishes, although their sushi usually occupies centre stage! They are currently offering a fantastic sushi […] More

  • R69 Wikideal from Brocka Rondebosch

    Eat delicious, eat Brocka. Brocka in Rondebosch makes classic American steakhouse meals and they put a gourmet spin on fast food. Their burgers are bold, their fries are loaded and they have the meanest monster milkshakes you’ve ever seen. Have we convinced you yet? Taste Brocka with a wicked special! Go sweet with a little […] More

  • R159 Burgers & Milkshakes for 2 Wikideal from Down South Food Bar

    The diners are going back in droves to Down South Food Bar in Rondebosch to enjoy more bbq ribs, fried chicken, crispy fries, velvety milkshakes and pizzas. This is bistro food at its best, with generous sandwiches loaded with tender meats and fresh garnishes stirring the feel-goods to total satisfaction. They are also offering a […] More

  • R36 All Day Breakfast Special at Down South Food Bar

    A good ol’ Southern breakfast is the perfect boot tip in your hind to get you started for the day. Buttermilk flapjacks with maple syrup, Nutella, blueberries, or some crispy bacon, and egg scrambles, omelettes and bowls of mushrooms and spicy mince and the faithful farmhouse traditional – it’s all on the menu at Down […] More

  • 2 for 1 Burger Tuesdays at Down South Food Bar

    Good, southern food – that’s Deep South Food Bar. Go full tilt into hearty flavours and food that speaks for itself. Prawn buckets, wings and ribs, chocolate tortillas for dessert and grills that that sizzle with caramelized onions, guac, bacon, jalapenos, cheddar, and creamy sauces. It’s 2-for-1 Burger Tuesdays at Down South Food Bar! Of […] More

  • Fantastic Value from Asami’s Rondebosch on WikiDeals

    Sushi, anyone? Grab your chopsticks, let’s go! Some favour it for health benefits, some for the wild abandon of fiery wasabi – but us, we love it for those reasons and more! Asami’s, conveniently located in Rondebosch’s Main Road, will take care of all your Asian food cravings, hankerings and longings – exciting your taste-buds […] More

  • Mix It Up with this Sharing Meal from Steers in Rondebosch

    Because sharing is caring – and cheaper! Steers in Rondebosch is taking over the sidewalk with scents of perfectly grilled beef patties and crisp, golden chips. Whether you like classic, chicken or veg, a Steers burger with secret sauce and fresh garnishes tastes like a summer Texas barbeque. Order a sharing meal with this great […] More

  • Get a Double Crammed Crust Pizza from Debonairs Rondebosch

    Calling all cheese lovers – but only the really serious ones. Debonairs in Rondebosch is bringing the cheese – in the tastiest way. Their menu is loaded – and stacked – with meaty pizzas, veggie pizzas, fiery pizzas and pizzas for those who are a little indecisive. Get it thin, thick or stacked, but either […] More

  • WIN: Xmas in July Promotion with Peacock Tea & Coffee in Rondebosch Main

    Peacock Tea & Coffee, the home of Rondebosch coffee culture, welcomes tea and coffee lovers with a taste for the gourmet. To them, tea and coffee is an art to be cherished making sure to blend the best teas from around the world and roast coffees to perfection for a cup of perfection. Not only […] More