SHEGO Middle Eastern Food Green Point review

I love me some Middle Eastern food. So when I find an authentic restaurant, you can imagine my happiness. And that is exactly what happened when I stumbled upon SHEGO on Main Road, Green Point.

The Turkish owners focus on… you guessed it, Turkish cuisine. But don’t go there expecting cut glass lights, bells, gold trimmings and jewel-toned fabrics – the interior is modern, sophisticated and fresh.

SHEGO Middle Eastern Food Green Point review

Mezze // price varies

You can’t go to a Middle Eastern restaurant without having mezze. With 15 to choose from, the price will vary depending on how many you have. The dolmades were minty and served warm – they didn’t taste processed at all. The stuffed pepper was fragrant with cinnamon, nuts and currants, adding sweetness to the overall dish. The falafel were deliciously fresh and crunchy, that we loved dunked into the not-too-smooth hummus. The lentil kofte was softer than expected, as I thought they’d be balls, but was more like a dip. And finally, the babaganoush was smokey, smooth and spicy, which I loved, while on the other hand the muhamara, a tomato dip, was a bit too acidic and cold for me.

SHEGO Middle Eastern Food Green Point review

Maqlube // 110

I’ve never had this before and it’s my new favourite. Succulent pieces of lamb, amidst a mix of fragrant rice and veg. This was topped with roasted and salted brinjal slices, and sweet caramelised onions. The side of acidic, creamy plain yogurt cut through the richness of the lamb and brinjal. Daaaah-lishis.

SHEGO Middle Eastern Food Green Point review

Lamb Shank // 165

A perfectly cooked spicy lamb shank, on a bed of mashed brinjal. It was topped with a fresh, cold carrot salad and served with basmati rice and a tomato relish. The meat (to use a cliche) fell off the bone and very happily made its way into my mouth.The brinjal mash – also a first for me – was creamy and slightly acidic, it both complemented and contrasted the lamb nicely. The carrot salad was the unexpected winner though, as I just love how it brought lightness to what could have been a heavy dish.

SHEGO Middle Eastern Food Green Point review

Semolina Halva // 65

A thin layer of semolina cake that was filled with vanilla halva ice cream. The ice cream was smooth and rich with the earthy flavour of halva. The dish wasn’t overly sweet at all, as the semolina was neutral.

SHEGO Middle Eastern Food Green Point review

There is something so special about a owner-run restaurant. The love, care and attention is not just seen, it’s felt. If you want pretty, delicate, fiddly plating, you will be disappointed – SHEGO’s food is homely and generous.

Directions to SHEGO Restaurant
47 Main Road
Green Point
Cape Town
021 434 0709

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