R139 All you can Eat Sushi at Asami’s on Rondebosch Main

Awaken your taste buds with fresh sushi from Asami’s in Rondebosch.

Their sushi menu consists of classic prawn, tuna and salmon varieties, combos that have your favourites in different styles, and some focusing on certain textures. So get it caramelised, pancaked or crunched, but get it at Asami’s.

Purchase a voucher now for all you can eat sushi at Asami’s Rondebosch Main

November is their birthday month and to celebrate, Asami’s is offering a limited amount of R139 all you can eat sushi vouchers.

Hurry and buy one now so that you can celebrate in sushi style this November. Proactive party planning – we like it. Get it now.

Directions to Asami’s
24 Main road
081 075 5721

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Half Price Sushi from Asami’s on Rondebosch Main