Half Price Sushi from Asami’s on Rondebosch Main

When you need more, get it for less.

Sometimes we just want more of one good thing! Asami’s sushi plates range from sashimi and eel, pancakes and fashion sandwiches, salads and chef’s specialities like inside out prawn, salmon, tuna, rainbow, crab stick and vegetable rolls and even caramelised salmon. Yum!

Order now and get 50% all sushi plates! 

And the best part is that you don’t even have to leave your house.

Order your favourite sushi plate from Asami’s and get the price slashed in half! This offer is available for collection or delivery on Asami’s delivery service only.

Sushi party every Tuesday? Order now.

Directions to Asami’s
24 Main road
081 075 5721

R139 All you can Eat Sushi at Asami’s on Rondebosch Main

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