New Winter Set Menu launches at Salushi

Salushi in Claremont have just introduced another promotion just in time for winter.

While known for the incredible sushi, which is available at value prices at most times of the day, the restaurant also has a traditional a la carte menu influenced by Asian cuisine. During the next few months, selected dishes from this menu will be on special with 2 courses available for only R120; while three can be ordered for only R160.

It’s on offer all day, every day to make sure there’s no confusion. We joined the restaurant last week, to finally try out this set menu special.

P.S.: Please see our review from last year. Apart from the dessert selection, the dishes have stayed largely the same. 



To start, we enjoyed the deep fried spicy calamari and the soup of the day. On this occasion, it was a beautiful spicy butternut soup. A third option of a rice paper chicken roll served with a peanut sauce can also be chosen.

The butternut soup had a super creamy texture with quite a kick of chilli which was just what the doctor ordered on a cold evening. The calamari had a bit of crunch and just a hint of spiciness which allowed them to shine on their own. A bit of lemon brought the flavours out even more.

Choice of Mains

For our mains, we chose the thai green chicken curry and the prawn & calamari fusion. A third dish of chicken, roasted chills and cashew nuts, with stir-fry veggies and egg noodles is also an option.

The seafood dish was served with egg noodles. The mixed peppers along with the sauce packed some heat but didn’t take away from the flavours of the calamari and prawns. Overall, the balance was perfect resulting in a wonderful main full of Asian influence.

The Thai green chicken curry was served with savoury rice. Not too spicy, not too sweet – this dish presented the perfect balance between two worlds packed with immense flavour. This was definitely our favourite dish of the evening.

Choice of Desserts

For dessert you have two options, which we both tried. First up is a Lindt chocolate brownie with ice-cream with the second dessert on offer being a Lindt chocolate & banana spring roll (2 pcs). Chocolate and banana has to be one of the best combinations for any dessert, while Lindt chocolate brownies are always a winner. This was a great way to end an incredible meal.

This year, two spring roll variations will be on offer. One is a Lindt Chocolate & almond spring roll and the other is a Lindt Chocolate & banana spring roll. 

P.S.: Booking is advisable as got quite quite full for the dinner service.

P.P.S.: If you’d rather want to try their sushi specials, have a look at their value menu specials.

P.P.P.S.: This special is not available for take-away.

Directions to Salushi
25 Protea Road, Claremont
Call (021) 671 4271

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