Marrow is a tiny brothbar on Loop Street with sleek and minimalist décor and utterly delicious line-up of deceptively simple dishes, which has had foodies coming back for more.

Marrow is the real deal when it comes to broths. Inspired by a love Japanese broth dishes (think Ramen), the incredible health benefits and the versatility of the humble broth.

The menu is deceptively simple & full of wonderful delicate surprises and utterly delicious. The main components are 5 broths: Clear, Yellow, Brown, White and Green. Opt for a cup of broth or a bowl. A bowl is a combo of carefully combined ingredients, over which you pour the broth. Broth and dishes can be enjoyed Hot or Cold. New on the menu: summer salads with broth reduction. Drinks: broth smoothies, shrubs, kombucha fire tonic, sparkling water.

Buy broth and tallow in store to take home to use for cooking, eating, drinking, fasting, keto. Contact us for wholesale

Everything served at Marrow is focused on promoting a healthy digestive system. Bone broth is a great source of bioavailable collagen, it aids digestion and improves nutrient absorption. Some other bone broth health benefits: builds immune, supports ulcers, assists inflammation, mood elevator.  #happyguthappymind

Marrow uses: grass fed beef;  free range eggs, chicken and venison; line fish; organic vegetables. We strive to be sustainable!

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Directions to Marrow
83 Loop Street
Cape Town
074 795 7176


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