Let the Hussar Grill show You how to perfectly Pair Your Steak & Wine

The love affair continues.

Red wine is considered a better match for red meat than white wine because red wine has a high tannin content whose astringency helps cut through fat. A general rule is to match the intensity of the dish with the wine. However, The Hussar Grill is firmly of the view that you should enjoy meat and wine to your personal preference.

Every grape variety (or cultivar) bears distinct leaves and grapes. So, the wine they make will release different aromas and flavours specific to that cultivar. The same is true for steak that comes from different part of the animal. Have a look at these cuts and their characteristics:

  • Fillet – the softest cut of meat as it comes from the part of the cow where the muscle is hardly used. Best served rare or medium rare to avoid drying out.
  • Rump – from the hind quarters where muscles are not too developed. Best served medium rare.
  • Sirloin – a fattier cut best served medium.
  • Rib Eye – marbled with fat and best cooked medium or more to help break down the fat into flavour.

Now that you’re educated in the various cuts, pair it with these wines:

  • Fillet with pinot noir – leaner meats are paired with lighter reds like pinot noir. The acidity of the wine cuts through the texture of the rare steak without overpowering it.
  • Rump with merlot – merlot is the easy-drinking option for the equally flavourful and soft rump.
  • Sirloin with shiraz – bold red wine for the fattier cut.
  • Rib Eye with cabernet sauvignon – the big boy of red wines with robust flavours and fruity tastes matches the richness of rib eye.

Fillet and sirloin on the bone can be paired with a robust red blend as the marrow adds more flavour to the meat, calling for a full-bodied wine.

Remember: The more marbling the meat has, the longer the cooking time. If served medium, the cooking process melts the fat and the caramelisation process turns what would otherwise be a tough steak into a juicy, tasty one.

Like wine, steak improves with age. Similarly, store your steak in a dark place with a cool temperature.

And fall in love all over again.

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