The Harvest Table

The Harvest Table is a family run business based in Kwazulu-Natal.  After being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a lymph cancer, when she was 20 years old, owner and founder Catherine Clark began to study the importance of a good quality diet and a well-balanced life on one’s health and wellbeing.

She often struggled to find good quality and pure foods to incorporate into her diet which forced her to start searching further abroad. 

I found it frustrating that certain products that I knew would be an important part of shifting my health forward weren’t available in South Africa.

Why did I need to try to find the time to make my own Bone Broth, for example, when I knew good quality powdered versions existed?  I also found it difficult to find products that were free of additives and met all my requirements such as being gluten and sugar free.  I knew that many other busy people had the same frustrations.

Catherine also had a passion for educating others on the importance of making small changes in their lives which could radically impact their health and wellbeing.  She created The Harvest Table to fulfil not only her own need for good products but also to enable her to take other people along with her on the journey to wholeness and health.

The Harvest table is founded on the following principles:

  • We believe in offering the best quality products available;
  • We believe in educating our customers on how to make better food choices;
  • We believe in offering products which are additive, preservative and filler free;
  • We believe in using earth conscious packaging wherever possible;
  • We believe in creating employment in our country and wherever possible will employ a person before a machine to carry out a function;

‘Building a business based on integrity and with a greater purpose than financial gain is a non-negotiable for me.  Our vision is to not only create beautiful, pure, wholesome products packaged earth consciously but to shift the lives of our customers positively by educating them and helping them to make better food choices daily.’

You can follow Catherine on @whole_healthy_me on Instagram or visit the Harvest Table online store!


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