Rediscovering the Etiquette of a Gentleman this International Men’s Day with Hendrick’s Gin

In a world that favours the strong-armed approach to achieve objectives as quickly and as ruthlessly as possible, the true qualities of a man may perhaps be brushed aside, in danger of being forgotten.

However, for those that have been taught that “manners maketh the man”, the world’s most usual gin Hendrick’s Gin produced a pocket companion to true politeness to assist men in rediscovering the etiquette of a gentleman this International Men’s Day, 19 November.

In discussions about what comprises a gentleman, here are a few short excerpts from the pocket companion to true politeness that may assist you in either becoming or identifying a most rare and unusual phenomenon – the modern gentleman.

You are encouraged to explore these gentlemanly virtues with one of the marvellous summer Hendrick’s Gin cocktails: the Hendrick’s Gin and Lemonade.

Salutations: An easy, and gentle inclination of the head – not a nod – a smiling wave of the hand, or a simple touching of the front of the hat (or where a hat would have been) are all acceptable interpretations of the street salutation. Such gestures indicate your politeness and respect for etiquette, as well as adhere to the socially distancing requirements of the modern health environment.

Conversation: It is not given to every man to shine as a conversationalist, but every man of ordinary intelligence and education can make himself agreeable and acceptable by contributing the first three ingredients to a conversation, which according to Sir William Temple includes “the first ingredient is truth; the second, good sense; the third, good humour; and the fourth, wit.”

Exiting an evening party: It is not necessary in large parties that you should seek out your host when you feel it is time to leave (it is the otherwise in smaller more social gatherings); in fact, in large parties, it would be an infraction of etiquette to announce your intention of bidding farewell when others do not even think it late. It is the correct thing to retreat the evening party without any announcement that may disturb the current of conversation, dance, play, or song.

Now, we are aware that such a pocket companion may not be appreciated by everyone, but, as with their gin, they revel in the position that their gin is also not for everyone. A gentleman is like a great, unusual, small batch and premium gin such as Hendrick’s; both comprise multiple flavours and perspectives that present themselves over time, and which are most valued by those with particular proclivity to appreciate that which is not mundane, nor which is in popular fashion.

A gentleman is a rare creature that must be celebrated, and we cannot think of a better manner to celebrate that with a truly remarkable and unusual gin.


Written by Marvin

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