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  • A new global Leader in plant-based meats arrives in South Africa

    Future Farm brings its cutting-edge plant-based meats to South Africa, on their worldwide mission to change the way we eat. One of the few global players in the plant-based meat industry, Future Farms products will be available in Checkers from July. Emerging as a global leader in plant-based meat products, Future Farm is driving a […] More

  • The Rise of Rum – International Connoisseurs are taking it to a new Level!

    High-end premium rums such as those from the House of ANGOSTURA® are taking the spirit to a new level. In South Africa the SA Rum Awards bring local craft and international rum brands into the limelight with Tiki bars, rum cocktails, and rum style occasions. August is rum month and there’s lots to celebrate! The […] More

  • Strawberry Lips: Reconnecting with your Sisters!

    Landing on International Friendship Day and South Africa’s renowned Women’s Month, Strawberry Lips Tequila launches their annual campaign to celebrate the sisterhood of South African women called Sip & Share. After a tough 18-months for many, the campaign takes aim at togetherness, friendship and just taking ‘time out’ with your sisterhood to just enjoy the […] More

  • Triple Three Distillery takes SILVER at the annual Old Mutual Spirits Show

    Triple Three Distillery are very excited to announce that a number of Triple Three Distillery’s products took SILVER at the annual Old Mutual Spirits Show. The Old Mutual Spirit Show sees hundreds of entries from producers as far afield as the Americas, the Middle East, Scandinavia, and Europe, as well as an exceptional local showing. […] More

  • AquaSky: Are the youth making an impact?

    With August being the month of International Youth Day and the World celebrates or recognises the youth for various reasons, we often forget to step back and look at the impact they are creating on environmental sustainability. And we’re not talking social media campaigns, we’re talking real impact. Whilst some may argue the impact is […] More

  • S.Pellegrino Essenza: Delicious, Fruity & Guilt-Free from The Italian Deli

    Women have always led the demand for tasty healthier options when it comes to beverages and whilst some alternatives have successfully come to market, more have vanished before you could blink. But leave it to one of the most admired beverage producers in the world, Sanpellegrino, to give us a sophisticated taste of the Italian […] More

  • Gaming just got Sweeter with Strawberry Lips

    Homegrown brand, Strawberry Lips Tequila joins the ranks of only a handful of progressive global brands and one of the first in the country to launch digital gaming – and in time for Women’s Month. As the top selling strawberry cream liqueur in South Africa, the brand has always played a significant and meaningful role […] More

  • Reduce Stress with the Mindfulness Box by One-Juice

    Take the edge off with One-Juice. One-Juice Health boxes are designed to introduce healthy juices into your daily routine for a better lifestyle. This box in particular was created to decrease levels of oxidative stress and restore balance to your mind and body. This refers to the disturbance of the bodies balance between free radicals […] More

  • Vegan experience at Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton

    The ultimate vegan experience in town! Prepared in a separate kitchen, the vegan menu is inspired by locally sourced, seasonal produce with an emphasis on fresh, natural flavours. Unlike other vegan menus, the Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton focuses on more refined and sophisticated dishes with the nutritional value of each serving being carefully considered. From […] More

  • Tullamore D.E.W. Irish whiskey brings the Beauty of Blend to vibrant life with XO Caribbean Rum Cask Finish

    Tullamore D.E.W., the Original Triple Blend Irish Whiskey, launches Tullamore D.E.W. XO Caribbean Rum Cask Finish. Starting with their original triple distilled, triple blend, triple wood matured Irish whiskey, the Brand’s whiskey-makers have given it an additional finish in first fill XO Caribbean rum casks, developing a smoothly satisfying flavour with layers of sweetness and […] More

  • Celebrating 3 years of Red Bull Shay’ iMoto

    Spin your way to the top of the virtual game leaderboard! Red Bull Shay’i Moto spinning competition is back for its third edition. Once again, the best spinners across South Africa will go gusheshe-to-gusheshe for the top spot in a closed event taking place on 11 September 2021. To celebrate the event’s third year, spinning […] More

  • Seafood Feast for 2 at The Station Parkhurst

    Introducing the first Station Parkhurst SEAFOOD PLATTER! Have you also been craving some seafood? The Station Parkhurst is certainly pulling through with perfect timing with their seafood platter that literally has everything. They are famous for their tapas-style dining and delicious cocktails but there might just be a new reason! Have you tried The Station’s […] More