An All-Round Floral Delight with Symmetry

The Western Cape is known globally for its many magnificent attractions, and when Springtime comes around, there are no better visuals than that of the Cape Floral Kingdom.

Transformed by the winter rains, the horizon lights up with fluorescent colours and sweet smells.

Whether travelling between botanical gardens and national parks or completing the often-mundane grocery shop, it’s effortless to come across dozens of species of flora.

Intrinsically, Symmetry’s Floral Tonic Essence screams Spring. One primary ingredient used, the Pelargonium, is an indigenous plant prized for its musky rose scented intensity. It is found and collected in the cooler mountainous regions of the Cape. Additional elements in the additive-free mixer include lemon, lavender, chamomile, and cinchona – a flowering plant whose bark is known to contain quinine, the principal flavour of tonic water.

Combining flavours of fruitiness, bitterness and umami, this tonic essence pairs well with quality soda water and garnish options of lime zest and peels of cucumber.

For more information on Symmetry Botanical Tonic’s ingredients, botanicals, pairings and where to purchase, please visit, and


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