Heritage Weekend Specials at Imperial Gardens Restaurant

Celebrate Heritage Day week with Imperial Gardens Restaurant.

Is there something that Imperial Gardens can’t do? We are constantly amazed by their wide range of authentic cuisine. Curries, noodles and now their very own sushi bar. And the cherry on top is that they are running an amazing special to celebrate Heritage Month.

These specials are available until Sunday, 26 September!

MEALS FOR 2 PERSONS- Sit Downs / Take Away

  • Seafood Platter for 2 – Grilled fresh Line Fish of the Day, Large Garlic Butter Prawns, Portuguese Peri Peri Half Shell Mussels, Crispy Squid Heads, Calamari, chips, 2 x sauces. R299-00 for 2 persons
  • Durban Style Prawn Masala Curry and Roti for 2 Persons– Prawns marinated and cooked in a Durban masalas. Served with roti and salad R169-00
  • Mutton Layered Masala Breyani for 2 Persons – Marinated in Durban spices overnight and cooked slowly on open wood fire and served with salad R169-00

Bunny Chows for 2 Persons

  • Half Loaf Mutton/Lamb served withs salad R150-00
  • Chicken R120-00
  • Sugar Beans R 105-00


  • Vegetable Layered Masala Breyani for 2 Persons – Marinated vegetables and slow cooked on open wood fire, served with Dhall and salad R149-00
  • Tofu Masala and Pea’s – Cubes of fresh soy tofu gently cooked in coconut cream and tomato.  Served with roti and salad R89-00
  • Jackfruit Curry and Rice/Roti – Freshly cooked jackfruit in our Durban masala, served with salad and basmati rice R89-00


  • Sweet and Sour Chicken in noodles or rice R89-00
  • Beef in Chilli and Oyster sauce with rice or noodles R89-00
  • Chicken in Cashew Nuts and fresh vegetables served with rice or noodles R95-00


  • 32 Piece Assorted Sushi Platter – 4 x salmon roses, 6 x avo makki, 4 prawn sandwiches, 4 tempura prawn California rolls, 2 salmon nigiri, 4 x rainbow rolls, 5 x crunch rolls, 1 x hand roll, 2 x prawn nigiri R150-00
  • 48 Piece Assorted Sushi Platter – 8 x California rolls, 8 x crab sandwiches, 8 x salmon roses, 10 x crunch rolls, 8 x tiger rolls, 6 x prawn makki rolls R250-00

Indian Homemade Sweetmeats – Freshly made daily using the choicest ingredients

  • Wedding Sooji with almond milk R50 per 500ml Tub
  • Burfee assorted, Goolab Jammu, Laddo, Jalebi R45 per 250 gram (assorted)
  • Puri Patha R15 per set
  • Chilli Bites R39-00 per 200gram
  • Potato Samosa’s R59-00 per 6’s

Book your table now!

@ THE IMPERIAL GARDENS RESTAURANT, 38 Main Rd, Fish Hoek, Tel. 021 782 0552






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