Hendrick’s Gin Master Distiller Goes Down in Gin History

in Magazine has inducted Ms. Lesley Gracie, master distiller of Hendrick’s Gin into the Gin Magazine Hall of Fame in recognition for her 22 years of service to the world of gin in a virtual ceremony held on February 25, 2021.

Hendrick’s Gin Master Distiller Ms. Lesley Gracie is inducted into the Gin Magazine Hall of Fame!

Ms. Gracie was celebrated for her impressive contributions to the gin world, her innovative spirit, and her continuous pushing of boundaries that began with the creation of Hendrick’s Gin, a rose and cucumber infused libation that sparked a ‘ginnaissance.’

Commenting on the award, Ms Gracie said: ‘It’s hard to believe that it’s now 22 years since Charlie Gordon first asked me to produce a new gin for him and I started playing around with the recipe that would become Hendrick’s Gin. It was an amazing brief, there was total freedom to do absolutely everything differently. We had these two unusual stills and an idea to combine quintessentially British ingredients of rose and cucumber. It was fun piecing the puzzle together and playing with all sorts of flavours and techniques. At the time, it was impossible to even conceive that gin could be as popular and as loved as it is today, no one was really taking it seriously at that time, so it’s absolutely unbelievable the difference there is these days with the abundance of new gins, distilleries, and fans of gin we see today.

I am truly honoured and grateful to be inducted into the Gin Magazine Hall of Fame. There are amazing people within this industry, and I want to thank them all for their support over the years and for this incredible recognition.’

Bethany Whymark, Editor of Gin Magazine said: ‘While at the helm at the Hendrick’s Gin Palace in Girvan, Scotland, Lesley’s skills have powered the quirky brand’s rise to global prominence in the premium spirits market and she has helped to craft new expressions that continue to push boundaries in gin creation. With an unfaltering dedication to precision and a desire to innovate in her spirits, Lesley serves as a beacon of excellence in the distilling industry, both in the UK and abroad.’

Hendrick’s Gin leads the super-premium gin category and enjoys a majestic 40% market share of the producing over 1.4million 9L cases each year, as it continuously recruits new consumers into gin. All releases from the Cabinet of Curiosities are released only when the stars align and regardless of how much they are adored, each is retired to make way for the next curious innovation. The freedom to experiment and innovate is what has maintained Gracie’s interest in gin for over two decades. Ms. Gracie started her career in the pharmaceutical industry, using her background in chemistry and interest in intriguing flavour combinations to mask the bitterness of new drugs. Yorkshire-born, Gracie later joined William Grant & Sons’ laboratory team in 1988 before being involved in liquid development projects across varying spirits categories. After being charged with creating the recipe for Hendrick’s Gin and succeeding mightily, she continues to lead its innovative efforts.

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