GOLD Restaurant

Located in the heart of Cape Town, GOLD Restaurant opens its arms to local and international guests every day for a full dinner menu which features the full African food journey through southern and central Africa. Add to this a healthy dose of Cape Malay cuisine and you have the freshest, most interestingly African menu in Cape Town.

Served efficiently with the friendly smile to which foreign visitors have become accustomed on their travels to this continent, GOLD Restaurant manages to seamlessly combine the gastronomic and entertainment elements of Southern, Western and Central Africa and the Cape into a dining experience to remember. Expect to find such interesting combinations as Bobotie Samoosas with Chutney Cream, Maize Nut Fritters with Apple & Mint Raita and West African Peanut Chicken on the menu. The menu changes with every season, so expect new taste experiences with every visit.

While Gold should be on the list of any foreign visitor to Cape Town, locals should not miss the opportunity to savour something truly Cape/African in taste and flavour.

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Directions to GOLD Restaurant
15 Bennett Street
Cape Town
021 421 4653

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