Build your Own Box: Get a 25% Discount from One-Juice!

Build your own juice box by One-Juice!

Known for their delicious cold-pressed, raw juices and cleanses, One-Juice is always striving to provide the best value to their loyal customers. Whether it’s just to have a nutritional drink close by while working long hours or when joining one of their accessible cleansing or weight-loss programs, One-Juice is always by your side.

They’re running an incredible special where you can pick and choose the juices that you want to try.

Whether it’s 16 juices, 24 or 40, you can pick and choose from the ones that you want and receive a whopping 25% discount. 🍊🍐🍋🍉🥝🍏

Available until 14 May 2022.

Visit the their online store today to place your order.

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