FoodBlogCT News Week 35 2012

Tuesday, the 28th of August

Special-of-the-Day: Winter Special at Peddlars [read more]

McDonalds Ad: Mary Had A Little Lamb

Get a load of McDonald’s new billboard in Australia promoting its recently-introduced lamb burger. Reddit user mrmaveric recently posted an image of large ad, which errs on the cheeky side. [read more]

Fast Food Knock-Offs in Baghdad

Baghdad’s embattled residents can finally get their milkshakes, chili-cheese dogs and buckets of crispy fried chicken. Original recipe or extra spicy, of course. [read more]

The Gory Gourmet Zombie Food Truck Celebrates “The Walking Dead”

As any zombie would tell you (could they actually form sentences), brains are delicious. To celebrate the DVD release of “The Walking Dead Season 2”, a London zombie food truck has popped up to prove it. [read more]

True Blood Cookbook Full Of Vampire-Inspired Recipes

“True Blood” fans can soon concoct their own blood-red beet bisque, crimson sweet tea and other Cajun delicacies inspired by the hit HBO vampire drama and compiled in a new cookbook. [read more]

Monday, the 27th August

Special-of-the-Day: R18.95 Breakfast Special at Caffe Villagio [read more]

What do you take along as snacks on a plane? This guy had 33 pounds of Black Caterpillars in his Luggage.

Border guards at Switzerland’s EuroAirport outside Basel were shocked when they discovered hundreds of dead black caterpillars in the luggage of an African man recently arrived from Togo. [read more]

The Coolest Egg-Separating Trick Ever

There are kitchen tricks that transcend language barriers, and today, we have one for you from Chinese site Jifenzhong. Grub Street called this egg-separating trick Mr. Wizard–worthy, and we tend to agree with them. [read more]

Brewers want Obama’s beer recipe

The people want to know what’s in the brew. The latest document requested of the White House isn’t about the economy or national security. It’s about beer recipes. [read more]

UK: Junk food companies paid by taxpayer to develop healthier products

Some of the world’s biggest junk food companies are being paid millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money to develop healthier products. [read more]

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