Enjoy Quality Sushi at Home with Kiwondo’s Sushi

Are you craving sushi as much as we do?

Kiwondo’s Sushi offers catering specialized in the Japanese cuisine (mainly sushi), with a team of chefs with years of experience. Along with providing catering services for events, staff training and menu development, they also have a pretty nifty online store where you can order your favourite sushi to be delivered straight to your door.

What’s on the Sushi Menu?


If the craving hits, it hits big and the platters from Kiwondo’s Sushi not only offer great value for money, but also incredible taste. With so many different options to choose from, you’ll want to order them all.

Gourmet Sushi

If you know exactly what you want, there’s nothing stopping you from creating your own platter by ordering a variety of sushi that you know you will enjoy and love. From tempeh rolls, truffle gunkan, gourmet tempura rolls, you’ll find sushi on your plate you haven’t seen anywhere else in Cape Town.

And more… 

But Kiwondo’s Sushi is not all about sushi and they also offer a variety of other products such as oysters, Wagyu beef & burgers, stir fried wagyu rice and much much more.

To place your order visit their website or call/Whatsapp 0631431571! 

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