Enjoy a sustainable Easter Feast by ordering your Seafood from Greenfish

The freshest and only the best.

Seafood is an Easter tradition around the globe and since we are not skimping on quality for this Easter, Greenfish is the best place to shop for our favourite treasures of the sea.

Greenfish is leading the way in encouraging more sustainable, low impact seafood choices from responsibly managed legal sources that are environmentally sound.

They are offering a a vast range of fish, shellfish, clams, scallops, oysters and plenty more. If you are having trouble choosing from all this variety, here are some of our favourite products available on the Greenfish online store.

Purchase your Easter Seafood boxes here!

Classic Hake Bulk Box | Frozen Box | Wild caught | 5kg – R599

Hake is prized for its delicate flesh and mild flavour, as well as its incredible versatility in the kitchen, which allows it to be fried, grilled, baked, braised, cooked in foil or used in soups and stews. All hake is sourced from long line fishermen departing Cape Town harbour and fishing off Cape Point

Cape Salmon Fillets | Fresh Fish Box | Caught in Struisbaai – R399

  • 2 x Cape Salmon Fillets ( approx. 900g-1200g per box )
  • 1 x larger Cape Salmon fillet cut in half and vacuum-packed separately (approx. 900g – 1200g per box)

Abalone (perlemoen) | Live Box | Cultivated | x6 – R499

Known for its buttery, salty taste, and slightly chewy texture (in a good way, think calamari steaks) abalone is a highly sought-after seafood.

  • 6 x Whole Abalone with Shell (approx. 90 – 110g per abalone)

Paella Box | Seafood Platter | Prawns, Clams, Scallops, Mussels, Squid, Tuna (3.8kg) – R849

This paella box features 3.8kg of delicious frozen seafood to create the perfect seafood evening to enjoy with your family or friends

  • 650g King Prawns
  • 650g Clams
  • 300g Scallops
  • 450g Half Shell Black Mussels
  • 900g Squid/ Calamari (head and tube)
  • 850g Yellowfin cooking tuna cutlets/blocks

Crayfish Box | Whole West Coast Rock Lobster | x6 | Frozen box |Regular – R549

This Whole Crayfish box features 6 whole crayfish. They have been carefully selected for you to enjoy with your family or friends.

Large Fresh Oysters | Live Box | Farmed on the West Coast | x12 – R199

Greenfish aims to make this delicacy more accessible to all South Africans. The oysters are farmed off the west coast, which imparts the distinctive salty taste of wild oysters, but without the environmental impact.

Purchase your Easter Seafood boxes here!

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