Coffee & Pastry Happy Hour at The Bakery & Deli at Haute Cabrière

Haute Cabriére Bakery & Deli

Bakery & Deli happy hour | 10am to 11am daily

The Bakery & Deli at Haute Cabrière has gotten rave reviews, the buttery croissants and feather-light baguettes are said to only be rivaled by France. The bakery team prides themselves on regular clients popping in for their daily bread and the sheer delight seen on the faces biting into pastries.

From an assortment of croissants, and ones to take home to bake, to sourdough bread that our bakers insist that if you don’t finish the loaf, can be frozen and toasted – recommended with lots of butter and honey, to preserves and rusks, a visit will render your soul, belly and pantry full.

To ensure your day kicks off to an incredible start, the Bakery & Deli have introduced happy hour!

From 10am to 11am daily, with each coffee bought, enjoy a famous Pastéis de Nata or a croissant for free and they invite you to sit on the deck or the covered nooks while you enjoy it.

Join Haute Cabriere to start your day with a coffee and pastry! 

Directions to Haute Cabriere
Lambrechts road
021 876 8500

Create Memories at Haute Cabrière (even if the Bubbles can’t join for now!)

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