Club Steak Al Fresco Recipe paired with Stellenzicht Wine

Elevate your al fresco dining experience with Stellenzicht’s tantalizing Club Steak recipe perfectly paired with the Acheulean Red 2018.

This Italian-inspired culinary delight promises to tantalize taste buds and satisfy cravings for a memorable meal under the sun.

Club Steak Al Fresco Recipe

  • 400g Club Steak Thick Cut
  • 300g Cherry Vine Tomato
  • 1x Bunch of Asparagus Spears
  • 6x pickled baby onions
  • 1x Head of Garlic
  • 1x Bunch of Thyme
  • 50g Salted Butter
  • Salt and Black Pepper
  • Good heat resistant cooking oil like grapeseed oil
  1. Begin by preparing the ingredients for this succulent treat. Ensure your club steak is brought to room temperature, allowing for even cooking and maximum flavor. Season generously with salt, focusing on the fat for that coveted crispy texture.
  2. While your steak rests, prepare your vegetables. Rinse cherry vine tomatoes and snap the ends off fresh asparagus spears. Halve pickled baby onions to add a delightful crunch and acidity to the dish. Clean garlic cloves for a burst of flavor.
  3. Once your ingredients are prepped, heat a heavy-bottom pan to medium-high. Add a touch of oil and render the steak’s fat until golden brown, ensuring a crispy exterior. Sear the steak to perfection, flipping only once for that coveted golden crust.
  4. As the steak cooks, add vine tomatoes to the pan for a burst of freshness. After turning the steak, introduce garlic cloves and thyme, followed by a knob of butter, infusing the dish with rich flavors.
  5. Meanwhile, place asparagus spears in the pan, basting them in the delectable butter and beef fat mixture. Once the steak reaches your desired doneness, let it rest before slicing thinly and arranging it alongside the vibrant vegetables.
  6. Drizzle the hot foamy butter over the steak slices, ensuring each bite is infused with irresistible flavor. Don’t forget to replenish your glass of Stellenzicht Acheulean Red, completing the perfect pairing for this culinary masterpiece.

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