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  • Monthly Seafood Specials from The Salmon Lady

    Get premium seafood at the best prices in town.  The Salmon Lady will deliver the freshest restaurant-grade seafood right to your door so that you can prepare your favourite meal with peace of mind knowing you are cooking with only the best ingredients and not having to venture out into a crowded supermarket. November & […] More

  • Hout Bay Manor Accommodation Special

    An incredible accommodation special with Hout Bay Manor! The Hout Bay Manor has everything you need for a get-away from the busy life of the city. Luxurious stays and world-class food, all in an incredibly picturesque venue. Get pampered and treat yourself after a tough year with lockdowns and restirction. This accommodation special is just […] More

  • November Specials at Pescaluna – Fresh & Sustainable Seafood!

    The freshest seafood. 100% sustainable. Originating in Hout Bay and servicing a global market, Pescaluna is truly a symbol of South African success stories where a group of companies saw an opportunity in combining their strengths to achieve a better outcome for all. They create moments where people can come together over full plates of […] More

  • Burger & Beer Specials at Radisson Blu Hotel & Residence for Movember!

    Burgers & moustaches for a good cause! Movember is upon us and The Radisson Blue Hotel & Residence is doing their bit to support this worthy cause. Their food is as exquisite as the location. Beautifully put together and something that everyone needs to indulge in every now and then. For Movember, they have combined […] More

  • Find out about the latest Specials & Rewards App by Taboulet & Co.

    An authentic Lebanese experience right in the heart of Sea Point! Taboulet & Co. offers Lebanese Organic cuisine based in Sea Point. The concept is focussed on a true Lebanese food service with a spot light on organic and vegetarian options and sustainability at its core. There’s something for everyone; and there is sure to […] More

  • Sushi & MCC Pairing at Yama Sushi Emporium with Haute Cabrière

    Sushi & Bubbles – the best combo on earth! Explore the world of high end sushi at the incredible Yama Sushi Emporium. The space is designed for a zen dining experience and also a shopping opportunity for Asian-inspired products, ingredients and equipment. If you love sushi and have a taste for the finer things in […] More

  • Ribs, Wings & Beer Specials at Woodstock Beerhall

    The holy trinity! The Woodstock Beerhall is known for its famous and amazing atmosphere. The food and the fantastic beer are the highlights of the show. Everything makes you feel warm and cosy and their specials are just out of this world. If you want to have a taste of what they offer you must […] More

  • Join the Happy Hour at the Pepperclub Hotel

    Drinks after work anyone? The Pepperclub Hotel is a great hangout spot in town. Stay, dine, relax and enjoy a good time whenever you feel like right in the middle of an urban jungle. It is the perfect escape after work without having to drive very far. You will feel cut off from all the […] More

  • Happy Hour & Food Specials at Chapman’s Peak Hotel

    You don’t want to miss out on this happy hour! The Chapman’s Peak Hotel is an incredible landmark that is known to everyone that’s passed Hout Bay along the way to Chapman’s Peak. The food, the atmosphere and the views are unparalleled. You can enjoy a variety of dishes from Portugueses inspired tapas, famous calamari, […] More

  • Wei’s Asian Specials on UberEats

    Authentic and delicious! Sushi, Ramen, Tempura and plenty more delicious authentic Asian dishes are waiting for you at Wei’s Asian. Everything is expertly crafted by hand and delivered straight to your doorstep via UberEats. There’s always something new to try and the best part is that you don’t need to leave the comfort of your […] More

  • Cape Town New Years Eve Dinner 2021/2022

    What’s happening in Cape Town on New Year’s Eve? We will be continuously updating this list adding more New Year’s events as more become available. We will be mostly concentrating on more on Cape Town restaurants though highlighting their New Year’s Eve Dinner Menus for 2021/22. Most of the restaurants are listed offer fine-dining cuisine […] More

  • Enjoy Premium Asian Cuisine with Great Value Meals from Chef Kuan

    Enjoy the best of Chef Kuan right at home. Chef Kuan from Kuan Kitchen Club has been very busy indeed cooking up a storm for all of his new customers! Working tirelessly to bring you the best in quality Asian cuisine like you’d find in top restaurants, this chef knows that good food equals a […] More