Bay Harbour Market Breakfasts

When you’re at a market, you need to keep your energy levels up. Or at least, that’s what I tell myself. So keep yourself going with these coffee and tea merchants, sure to give you the boost you need. Plus, what goes well with coffee and tea? Pastries and all-day breakfasts, that’s what.

 Bay Harbour Market Breakfasts

Lady Bonin’s Tea Parlour

This South African born company sources herbal teas from South Africa, and traditional loose-leaf tea from around the world. Green, Black, Oolong, Puehr and White Teas are sourced from China, Japan, Sri Lanka and India. Lady Bonin promotes sustainable farming practices, sources organic wherever possible, hand blends her own loose-leaf recipe’s and is environmentally accountable.

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Bay Harbour Market breakfasts

Z.A. Cafe

At Z.A. Café, the menu is a formality as there are hundreds of ways to drink coffee.

A freshly roasted selection of beans from central America and Africa make up Z.A. Cafe’s famous Crema Blend. What ever you want, they’ll make it fresh for you every time – go on, test them! Pair your favourite coffee with Z.A.’s pastry selection. Think along the lines of a raw honey latte with an almond torte; white choc mocha with Pasteis De Nata; or an Ice Coffee frappe with choc pecan tart.

They also sell beans at wholesale prices, free barista training for restaurant staff, supply and service of espresso machines and grinders, advice on how to start up in the world of coffee, as well as a fixer service to increase coffee sales. Wow.

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Copy of ZA Cafe - Image Credit - Claire Gunn Photography

Nap Living

Hot drinks + sweet treats = Nap Living. They have a wide selection of homemade confectioneries, such as cheesecakes, lemon meringues, cupcakes and flavoured fudges. Fancy a hot cup of chai tea, hot chocolate or even just a good old cup of coffee? They got it. And if you’re a Deluxe Coffeeworks fan, you’ll be pleased to know that at nap, you will get your Delux fix!

Copy of Nap Living - Image Credit - Claire Gunn Photography


All day “build-your-own” breakfast? Yes please.

Bon-Amie also has a delicious offering of omelettes, breakfasts, salads and sandwiches, and serves everything from veggie burgers and halloumi cheese dishes, to traditional South African faves such as Sringbok and Gemsbok.

Copy of Bon Amie - Image Credit - Claire Gunn Photography

The Wicked Waffle

Growing up, my best day ever was having waffles for breakfast. Now that I am an adult – I CAN HAVE THEM WHENEVER I WANT! After Gino Adriaensen’s parents imported an old fashioned gas waffle machine out of a Baker’s Museum in Belgium, he did his research he recreated the traditional Belgian waffle recipe originally used with this old machine. Gino started franchising and now replicates and supplies the original gas waffle machine so that all franchisees produce the same deliciousness!

Wicked Waffle also supplies waffles to restaurants, guest houses and private parties.

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