All American Cheeseburger Special from Eat out the Box

Introducing the new R50 Cheeseburger from Eat Out The Box!

Handcrafted gourmet take-aways are what you can expect at Eat Out The Box. Because no one wants to wash dishes, but yet desires to enjoy a gourmet restaurant experience – while staying in their jammies. Order it fresh & hot or frozen and just reheat at your own convenience with so much to choose from with an extensive menu.

Why not try their new burger while you’re at it?

Everything seems bigger and better in America right? Like their famous cheeseburgers?

Well, now Eat Out The Box has launched their own all American cheeseburger, made with wholesome ingredients like homemade burger patty and ketchup, pickles, onions, mustard mayo and Lancewood cheese, all on a gourmet burger roll made fresh from Bakery Pie in The Sky.

Order for only R50 during lunch hours. Add chips for R15. 

Get it now.


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