R125 Breakfast Pizza Specials at Tiger’s Milk Century City

Hungry mornings.

Spanish flavours and comforting belly warmers greet you at Tiger’s Milk. From burgers to steak, tex mex and tapas, with pizzas and nibbly bits, bring your tiger’s appetite.

Start your day with a real kick in the pants with a breakfast pizza from Tiger’s Milk

Pizza for breakfast? Yes, please! How about a yummy Boredom Buster Pizza or a Chorizo Breakfast Pizza and cappuccino combo for R125?

This offer is available at Tiger’s Milk Century City only from 9am-12pm daily. Order directly from the store or via Uber Eats, or Mr. D, but note that there is no hot drink delivery with Mr. D.

Cheesy mornings are the best mornings.

Enjoy the best of Asoka (with a Free Dessert) at Home!

2-for-1 Pizza Specials at Tiger’s Milk during Lockdown