50% off Adult Milkshakes to pair with your favourite Burger from Joe’s Easy Diner

Parents, are you a little tired of eating vegetable puree and drinking apple juice?

Kids can require a lot of time and energy and sometimes you just want a time out. Joe’s Easy Diner wants to remind us of the simple things in life and the fact that when life gets hard, we can take a Joe’s Easy Diner booth-sized break, enjoy a burger or hotdog and a milkshake – adult style.

If you love milkshakes, you’ll enjoy these delicious ‘adult’ versions!

This one’s for the grown-ups. Joe’s Easy Diner is treating adults to a cheeky version of this sweet treat favourite – gourmet milkshakes with an added dose of liquor to mix things up.

50% discount on all Adult shakes Friday to Saturday

Pop another one in the jukebox and enjoy one of these fun drinks with your favourite burger or pizza:

Captain Caramel

  • Captain Morgan meets Caramel and the combination is out of this world!  Sweet rum and sweeter caramel with a naughty kick.

Strawberry Dream

  • Sleep extra well with this vodka, strawberry and fresh mint mixture. No more 3am wake-up calls; Mom’s getting some shut-eye.

Boozy Banana Cruise

  • Hop on the slow boat with a banana and light rum shake, topped with bubblegum and dark rum to set sail against the winds. This is for the brave.


  • Decadent, dark luxury with dark rum, kahlua and chocolate – definitely a must for those with a taste for grandeur.


  • If it was good enough for the king . . . Captain Morgan puts a serious twist on childhood peanut butter and jam. Definitely not for school kids.

White American

  • For those weirdos who like ice cream in their coffee. Enjoy this uber affogato with a splash of vodka for the ultimate Constantia mom indulgence.


  • Feel the breeze in your britches with this naughty and nice blend of light rum and vanilla, topped with dark rum and strawberry.

This makes adulting worth it. Book your table now.

Directions to Joe’s Easy Diner
New National  Lodge
358 Voortrekker road
021 911 2136

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