A sustainable Approach: Aquasky!

With millions of South Africans drinking bottled water every day, landfills across the country are brimming with plastic bottles.

There needs to be a concerted effort by water producers to find more sustainable packaging solutions in order to alleviate the problem.

Aquasky, a pioneer in their field – by using atmospheric water generating machines to cool and condense air to extract the moisture, before filtering and bottling the water – is leading the sector with the sustainability of their packaging.

Aquasky’ PLA eco bottle is a 100% compostable plant-based bottle making it quite possibly the most environmentally friendly water product in South Africa. By constantly trying to move away from PET, Aquasky was one of the first companies to release a plant-based bottle (PLA), made entirely of sugarcane that is 100% compostable within a few short weeks.

Then there are the beautiful upmarket 100% recycled branded glass bottles. Knowing that it takes 16 times more energy to make one glass bottle than it does to collect, sterilise and refill just one bottle, this reusable system has proved vital for Aquasky and reflects the core value system. The sustainability cycle grows by taking glass bottles from the dreaded single-use to a better multiple-use system. Goodbye, single-use plastic bottles, bane of our lives and of our environment!

To find out more about Aquasky and the product range, please visit their website!

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