3 Unique Hoohah Experiences with Hide Hookah Lounge

Hide Hookah Lounge is a fantastic upscale hookah haven in the middle of Cape Town.

The lounge offers the most amazing hookah blends and highest quality hookah equipment available in the Mother City. They combine the traditional hookah culture with modern technology and presentation to provide the most unique hookah experience to you.

These are not just hookah cocktails, but lstories told by taste, aroma and color.

They create a special mood, surprise and transfer you to the wonderful world of fantasy. Do you want to experience real hookah magic?

Try it and you will never forget it.


Try the variation of the popular cocktail in a completely new way. Sweet and sour orange bowl and base filled with the taste of Aperol, apples and grapefruit. Refreshing, bright and juicy – this hookah cocktail will take you to the sunny Amalfi coast.


This is the most beautiful and unusual hookah you have ever tasted. The spectacular combination of black ice cream and red rose petals attracts attention and awakens the senses. An elegant hookah cocktail with a passionate temperament for real connoisseurs.


Feel the taste of the holiday with this colorful hookah cocktail. Exotic dragon fruit bowl and base filled with sweet fantasies: ice cream, colorful candies, chocolates and soft multicolored marshmallow. For those who love sweets!

You can find the full menu on their website!

Directions to Hide Hookah Lounge
71 Waterkant Street
Cape Town
081 310 6949

Hide Hookah Lounge

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