SAMU Chef Boxes – Exotic Groceries delivered straight to your Door!

Samu is the participation, by Baizhang Zen monks, in the physical work needed to maintain the Zen monastery. As the Zen monks farmed, it helped them to survive the Great Anti-Buddhist Persecution more than other sects which relied more on donations. These rules are still used today in many Zen monasteries.

The Zen monks farmed as part of their practice and maintained the mantra:

“One day not work, one day not eat”

The team at SAMU Chef Boxes believe in achieving Zen through doing the physical work to deliver a product produced with care, mindfulness and a love for the practice of farming. Curated boxes contain vegetables, fruits and artisanal bread for R680 (free delivery) and weigh about 25kg. Healthy, wholesome and always include some kind of far East flavor and should complement meals for 5 people for about a week.

What’s in the Box?

You can expect wholesome, locally grown fruits and vegetables and your artisanal bread from the local mom and pop bakery.

SAMU Chef vary the composition of your box each week depending on what is just about ready for harvesting.

They also specialize in more fringe foods to make your cooking more exciting which we provide along with the staples you are familiar with. The team will be sure to add something interesting, different or exotic to push you outside of your sensory comfort zone.

SAMU Chef takes orders every day of the week and deliveries are on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Orders from Tuesday will be delivered the following week.

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P.S.: Delivery is free of charge all around the Cape Town and Cape Winelands area. 

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