Christmas Treats at Starbucks this Festive Season

It tastes like Christmas.

Starbucks is known world-wide for amazing coffee. They us the finest Arabica coffee beans and challenge coffee convention with blonde blends.

Now they’re bringing you Christmas in a cup with their unique Christmas blend.

Latin American beans, Indonesian coffees and rare and spicy Sumatran beans that have been aged for three to five years. This produces a cedary, spicy flavour with a sweet smoothness.

When trying your Christmas coffee, pair it with delicious sweet treats. A triangular chocolate brownie with chocolate ganache and white chocolate drizzle will put the spring in your step. If you enjoy white chocolate with a dash of fruity, make your taste buds dance with a deep fried pretzel shaped churro dipped in white chocolate and drizzled with ruby chocolate and raspberry grit. Yum!!

Christmas starts in your mouth. Get down to your nearest Starbucks today.

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