Ginger & Lime Cooking Courses in Cape Town

The world wants to get back into the kitchen. People want to rediscover the lost art of cooking – hence all the food shows on TV, in every magazine. There is much happiness to be found in cooking. And around the dinner table there is always good conversation, laughter, bonhomie and happiness. These are the moments we need to grab before they slip away.


Take part in one of the courses at Ginger & Lime. Denise Levy invites you to share this experience in whatever way you want to. You can get as involved as you wish in the preparation and cooking of the meal or just top up the wine glasses and just watch. The evenings are also a great opportunity to simply chat to like-minded people and bonding over the food that will be prepare.

New styles of cooking and new recipes are explored all the time, which Denise will share with all the guests. Her specialty is the layers and depths that can be created in the sauces, marinades, dressings that complement the ingredients being used during the cooking class.

I love all of the Asian flavours, but then my heart also belongs to true Italian cuisine. Oh, but how can I ever forget those wonderful French classics? – Denise.

Other chefs will also be invited on the evening. Kitchens must be shared, after all. Denise loves to learn from other great cooks – and you can too!

Get involved in a good evening’s entertainment as well as eating delicious creations in my kitchen.

P.S.: Denise also hosts exclusive events such as birthdays and launches for up to 18 people seated. For more casual cocktail style events, Masterchef style parties for up to 20 kids or adults can be arranged too.

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Directions to Ginger & Lime Cooking School
2B Ave Disandt
Cape Town
083 251 6282


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