FoodBlogCT News Week 29 2012

Friday, the 20th of July

#FoodFact: TIP is the acronym for “To Insure Promptness.”

Special-of-the-Day: Lunch & Breakfast Special at Anatoli-Express [read more]

New York Trans Fat Ban Made Fast Food A Bit Healthier

Turns out it’s possible to make a fast-food lunch a bit healthier even without skipping the fries. [read more]

Drought Means Wilting Crops, Higher Food Prices

Oppressive heat and a worsening drought in the U.S. Midwest pushed grain prices near or past records on Wednesday as crops wilted, cities baked and concerns grew about food and fuel price inflation in the world’s top food exporter. [read more]

Forbes – Top-Earning Chef: Gordon Ramsay

Forbes’ new list of top-earning chefs for the last 12 months features plenty of names you’d expect. Loudmouthed UK toque Gordon Ramsay stands head and shoulders above the rest with a whopping $38 million a year. Rachael Ray and Wolfgang Puck round out the top three with $25 million and $20 million respectively. [read more]

Huge Wine Bottle Is 30 Feet Long 

Austrian Times reports that Chinese firm Jinding Co. created this outrageously huge bottle of wine for the Sixth Yantai International Wine Expo, which is held in the country’s Shandong province. It’s filled with a new variety of wine produced especially for the event. [read more]

Thursday, the 19th of July

#FoodFact: An ounce of chocolate contains about 20 mg of caffeine.

Special-of-the-Day: 1kg Prawn Special [read more]

Mandela’s Birthday Lunch

“We will probably have food like samp and tripe, his favourite food,” Mandela’s granddaughter Ndileka Mandela told the publication. [read more]

$666 “Douche” Burger a hoax!

It may have been revealed as a joke in the end, but at least one New York food cart diner was reportedly … douche-y enough to bite. [read more]

Food Poisoning hits Olympic Team

THREE members of Australia’s Olympic badminton team have been struck down with food poisoning in their pre-Games training camp in Derby. [read more]

Should you Avoid Airport Food?

With the risks of chomping on sewing needles or packing in thousands of unknown calories, why bother putting yourself in an obviously precarious position? [read more]

Wednesday, the 18th of July

#FoodFact: Milk chocolate was invented by Daniel Peter, who sold the concept to his neighbour Henri Nestl.

Special-of-the-Day: Sushi Specials at the Lookout Deck [read more]

10 Airlines That Serve Free Alcohol

As airlines nickel-and-dime passengers for everything from leg room to checked luggage, we were surprised to learn that some airlines actually serve free alcoholic beverages onboard — and not just to first class passengers. [read more]

Rising food prices? Get used to it.

Rising food prices? Get used to it. This year’s drought in key U.S. crop-growing regions has spurred talk of another global food crisis; the benchmark corn futures price has risen 21% this month, while wheat is up 16%. That’s bad news for countries reliant on food imports, particularly developing nations. But food price volatility is becoming the norm. [read more]

Burger King Employee Posts Photo Of Himself Stepping In Lettuce

The tech media likes to describe Internet image board 4chan as a lawless, unruly place, but apparently there’s justice in the Web’s Wild West after all. [read more]

NASA Plans Astro-Food For 2030s Mission To Red Planet

Through a labyrinth of hallways deep inside a 1960s-era building that has housed research that dates back to the early years of U.S. space travel, a group of scientists in white coats is stirring, mixing, measuring, brushing and, most important, tasting the end result of their cooking. [read more]

Tuesday, the 17th of July

#FoodFact: American Airlines saved $40,000 in 1987 by eliminating one olive from each salad in first class.

Special-of-the-Day: Pasta Passion at Pizzeria Villagio [read more]

Beijing’s Single Most Horrific Meal

The Beijing Penis Restaurant, officially known as Guolizhuang, doesn’t just serve cock. You can get absolutely anything there. [read more]

SA: Poor gatecrash funerals for food

More and more people are gatecrashing funerals, weddings and other social events, mainly in townships, just to get a plate of food. [read more]

SA Food prices soar above inflation rate

Already cash-strapped and struggling to put food on their tables, consumers have been facing food price increases significantly higher than the rate of inflation. The latest Food Price Monitor report has revealed the costs of even the most basic foods have increased by up to 56 percent in just one year. [read more]

The Worlds Hottest Vodka

In a world where Peanut Butter and Jelly, and Glazed Donut flavored vodka exists — a chili vodka that will burn your face off is a welcome change. [read more]

Monday, the 16th July

#FoodFact: Ancient medicinal texts indicate that vanilla was used to cure hangovers

Special-of-the-Day: The Power Lunch Menu at Peddlars [read more]

You May Never Have to Eat a Brown Apple again

You know how the old story goes: You want to eat an apple. You cut into that apple. The apple turns brown. You no longer want to eat that apple. [read more]

IKEA sells Beer too!

What beer goes best with Swedish meatballs? Öl Mörk Lager. Translated directly to “dark lager beer,” Ikea is currently selling the brew in the United Kingdom, available for in-store pickup only. [read more]

Eatery busted for Pizza with Spider, Scorpion and Snake Venom

Health officials in Zurich, Switzerland were forced to put the kibosh on a local eatery’s specialty pizza dish when they learned the showcase ingredient: Poison. [read more]

Proposed food stamp cuts could leave 3 million hungry in U.S.

A proposal that passed the U.S. House Agriculture Committee Thursday could kick as many as three million people off government food assistance next year, including the U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants. [read more]

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