Enjoy Starbucks at Home with Takealot!

Good bye coffee withdrawals.

What are we without our morning coffee from Starbucks? Grumpy, that’s what.

We’re sure you’ve longed for the bliss of Starbucks beans, grounds, capsules and instants – dreams of a morning espresso or latte capsule of medium or dark roast with notes of caramel or a single origin with hints of nuts and added florals for complexity – can you remember the sound of them grinding the beans to make your coffee? A symphony. Or the welcome seduction of Caffé Verona dark roast instant coffee with dark cocoa flavours.

Okay, we’ll stop torturing you now and give you the good news – you can now order all this from Takealot to enjoy in your own home!

Whether you’re a grinding DIY-er, an impatient instant-er, or a pop it in pod-er, get your fix from Starbucks on the daily with a little help from Takealot.

Order capsules – 10 in a box – or pods – 12 in a box – instant coffee in a 200g back or coffee beans in a 200g bag. Choose medium or dark roast, single origins or blondes and never feel deprived again.

Order now on Takealot.

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