The Cooking Theatre Dinner Experience with Stir Crazy

Join Stir Crazy for a unique Dining Experience on Friday evenings.

The focal point of the Cooking Theatre restaurant is the open plan kitchen, illuminated by studio lighting, which creates ambience and a cosy feel.

The raised entrance provides the appearance of a stage where the chefs prepare your dinner around the large cooking stations, with you in direct view of the action.

The Menu features a variety of ‘media ración’ sized plates (larger than tapas and smaller than main courses) that can either be shared or enjoyed as a few individual plates to make up a meal.

Every Friday: What’s on the Menu?


Ostrich carpaccio 80
Ostrich, parmesan, lemon zest, crispy caper, rocket, bocconcini

Bobotie Soup 75
Bobotie spice, onions, egg white foam, toasted almond, raisins, bobotie bao

Foraged Black Mussels 90
Black mussels, coconut milk, ginger, garlic, chilli, toasted focaccia

Fresh Linefish and chips 110
Leek puree, stir-fry veg, cauli florets, soutslaai, fries

Cauliflower steak (VG) 90
Roasted cauliflower, ‘parmesan’ sauce, pan-roasted pears, cashews, micro herbs, candy beet

Bamboo Charred Chicken 100
Steamed chicken, porcini, beetroot gnocci, Szechuan pepper, chicken jus.

Slow Cooked Lamb 110
Smoked Lamb, activated charcoal samp, truffle oil, beef jus, garlic mousse, sour fig, nasturtium.

Foraged salad 75
Seaweed, lettuce, spekboom, pickled numbis, cucumber strips, croutons, mayo & garlic dressing


Rooibos Malva Pudding 70
Malva, salted caramel ice cream, almonds, cream.

Honey bomb 70
milk tart anglaise, honey & salt phyllo crisp, ginger syrup, honeycomb

Peanut Butter Smoothie 70
Peanut butter, cream, ice cream, peanut brittle, salted caramel

Stir Crazy like to keep things fresh and fun for both patrons as well as the chefs and have included a variety of foraged items on the menu from the area. The balance of the menu is fresh seasonal produce that changes regularly.

Email To secure any reservation for the Friday evenings, they require a deposit in the amount of R 200,00 per head. This applies to all reservations made via Eztix, Email or by telephone.

Directions to Stir Crazy Cooking Academy
14 West Quay Rd
Cape Town

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