The Calm Water Co.: A more sustainable Alternative!

Calm Natural Mineral Water originates from the pristine slopes of the Cederberg mountain range!

The business was conceptualised a year ago and launched during lock-down, making the best out of a bad situation and bringing a new concept to our shores: Water in a can!

The water is naturally filtered through layers of Cape Sandstone eventually reaching the source to produce purified water with an ideal ph-level and a balanced mineral content.

The product is canned at the source in the Cederberg Mountains and is one of the first of its kind in South Africa. With our oceans facing incredible pressure due to pollution, companies around the world are creating innovative ideas of how to reduce plastic waste. By moving away from plastic and towards glass, you can be part of the solution to take the first active steps towards a brighter future.

The Calm Water Co. can be seen as a disrupter in the mineral water space and is looking to change the mind-set, that water does not have to come in plastic bottles.

“We would love to see Calm Water Co. as the preferred choice of mineral water as an alternative to the plastic bottle. To be the change we wish to see in the world. Rather be part of the solution and not the pollution. We prefer leaving our beaches littered only with our footprints” says Michelle Richardson, owner and founder of Calm Water Co.

The aluminium cans are able to be recycled infinitely when compared to plastic bottles making them the much more sustainable option. During production, cans also bring a much lower carbon footprint than the plastic alternative. Making the switch over to aluminium cans has never seemed this right.

The Calm Water Co. is available in a number of local retail stores around Cape Town!

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