Sustainable Seafood Masterclass at 12 Apostles Hotel with SASSI & Bouchard Finlayson Wines

Discover the art of sustainable seafood preparation at The Twelve Apostles’ Seafood Masterclass in collaboration with SASSI and Bouchard Finlayson Wines.

As proud SASSI Ambassadors, The Twelve Apostles Hotel invites guests to immerse themselves in a culinary experience that promotes responsible dining.

Hosted at the picturesque Apostles Braai on 27 April, the masterclass runs from 13:00 to 15:00, providing participants with hands-on knowledge on filleting locally caught, sustainable fish.

  • The focus on sustainability aligns with The Twelve Apostles’ commitment to environmental responsibility, reflecting their dedication to positively impacting the seafood industry. Following the informative session, indulge in a delightful seafood braai perfectly paired with the exquisite wines from Bouchard Finlayson.

Venue: The Apostles Braai
Time: 13h00 -15h00
Price: R 875 per person

The carefully curated menu promises to be a lot of fun for everyone involved bringing a harmonious blend of flavors and showcasing the chef’s dedication to supporting sustainable practices. Click here to make a reservation!

 Victoria Street, Cape Town, South Africa
 021 437 9000

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