Reunion Cafe’s American Style Breakfast in Woodstock for only R89!

Y’all ready to rustle up some hearty goodness?

Reunion Cafe in Woodstock invites you to embrace your inner lumberjack or Southern belle with their American Breakfast special!

Saddle up for flapjacks, fluffy scrambled eggs, and juicy grilled tomatoes, all drenched in the sweet glory of maple syrup.  And for only R89, it’s a deal hotter than a Texas summer.

  • Enjoy a lamb sausage for a savory kick that’ll make you holler “yeehaw!” Or perhaps you fancy yourself more of a Scarlett O’Hara type? Opt for a portion of crispy macon and savor every bite like a true Southern belle.

But don’t dawdle, partner! This breakfast special is hotter than a skillet in July, so mosey on over before it disappears faster than a wagon wheel in a dust storm. 🤠🥞🍳

 082 797 9344
  1 Albert Road, Woodstock

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