R85 Margherita Pizza & Wine at Via Vittoria

The tasty way to go back to basics.

Via Vittoria is most famous for their traditional Italian pizzas that drip with cheese and ooze with love. Spicy chicken, bacon, caramelised onions, rich gorgonzola, cured Italian meats and fresh tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms top these delicious slices of heaven. And like most traditional families, we like to remember where we came from and remember a time when all we needed was cheese, tomato & herbs.

Enjoy a margherita at Via Vittoria!

Sometimes simple is best, so Via Vittoria is offering a wood fired margherita and a glass of house wine for a decadent R85 only.

Available every Saturday & Sunday.

Perfect for a quick bite to eat between meetings during the day or if you’re looking at your budget. Times may be a little tougher right now, but there are still some great restaurant specials and value for money to be found.

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Directions to Via Vittoria
Shop G01
The Clock Tower
V&A Waterfront
068 055 6698

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