Meet up with Friends: Dive into 152 Pieces of Sushi at Jo-An Sushi Cafe

Enjoy a delightful Thursday tradition at Jo-An Sushi Cafe in Kenilworth, where sushi enthusiasts unite for a feast that promises to leave taste buds dancing.

This weekly celebration invites guests to enjoy the artistry of sushi with a tantalizing offer – a table for four for only R1000, featuring an assortment of 152 pieces.

The ambiance at Jo-An Sushi Cafe sets the perfect stage for a memorable experience.

  • Embark on a culinary journey that transcends the ordinary – Jo-An Sushi Cafe’s Thursday Promotion promises an evening of exquisite flavors and shared joy, making it a weekly ritual worth savoring. It’s one of the best restaurant specials around.

It’s worth noting that the Thursday Promotion is an exclusive in-store affair, not available through any delivery platforms. Additionally, guests are invited to enhance their dining experience by bringing their own wine with complimentary corkage.

To ensure a spot at this sushi extravaganza, all guests are encouraged to book in advance. The promotion extends to both takeaway and sit-down options, allowing flexibility for those eager to enjoy their sushi on-site or in the comfort of their homes. Book your table now.

309 Main Road Kenilworth
081 495 3552

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