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  • Your 3-point plan to being a better man with Monkey Shoulder

    Finally! A day created to celebrate a man. We’ve been told we can celebrate more than one man. While there are so many things that we are told to do to be a good man, we’ve kind of narrowed it down to three solid tips (like the three monkey’s) that suit us just fine. Mix […] More

  • The Measure of a Man can be seen in a Blend of his Friends

    The 19th of November is International Men’s Day! It’s a day of reflecting on everything that defined being a man, and an opportunity to explore ways to improve ourselves. 2020 has been an exceptionally challenging year for many of us, and we have had to take a long deep look at ourselves, but its also […] More

  • 2 Incredible Cocktails thanks to Cherry Time

    Cherries have been called the nectar of the gods, a butterfly’s kiss, and the deepest wish of a hummingbird’s heart… Here’s how to weave their spell into your very own elixir. CHERRY LANE COCKTAIL This sophisticated potion offers a balance between the sweetness of fresh cherries and the spicy hit of American Rye whiskey, with […] More

  • The History of The Old Fashioned with Angostura

    Made trendy once again by the rise in popularity of the hit TV show “Mad Men”, the Old Fashioned cocktail’s history goes even further back than that. Lore says that the name actually goes back to people asking for a drink made the “old fashioned” way back in the 1800s. Traditionally made with bourbon or […] More

  • Celebrate Old Fashioned Week with Monkey Shoulder

    Here’s how to drag the Old Fashioned into 2021 Yes, we said it, the Old Fashioned Week may be old fashioned. Okay, yes, it’s a classic, but perhaps it needs a bit of a shake up; not a massive one, just enough not to break a sweat. In our view, the classic Old Fashioned perhaps […] More