November Signature Cocktail Special at Protea Hotel Balalaika

In the vibrant culinary scene of Johannesburg, November brings a refreshing twist at various hotspots across the city.

Proteal Hotel Balalaika takes the lead with its exclusive Signature Cocktail for the month.

Priced at just R90, the Candy Apple concoction is a harmonious blend of Lovoka Caramel and Jose Gold Tequila, expertly topped up with Appletiser.

  • The artful presentation includes a garnish of crisp apple wedge and a delicate sprig of mint, elevating the sensory experience.

This limited-time cocktail special is not confined to a single locale; instead, it graces the menus of four distinct venues within the Protea Hotel Balalaika. Whether you choose to unwind at The Terrace, savor the moment at The Bull Run, embrace the ambiance at Destination Bar, or immerse yourself in the sophistication of Lords Bar, the Candy Apple awaits.

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 Maude Street Sandown, Sandton, South Africa
 011 322 5000

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