Happy Hour Drink Specials with The Fairway

Because staying over is better than driving home.

The Fairway’s award-winning Balata restaurant offers fine food such as orange and fennel cured beetroot, tender beef fillet with grilled mushroom and confit tomato, salmon lentils and linguine pesto and so much more. It’s always a taste symphony with culinary creations and perfect wine pairings.

On Fridays from 4-7pm, come for drinks and stay the night with 50% off beverages and accommodation. Valid until 30 August 2019, go halfies on brandy, beer, cider and wine by the glass and receive 50% off your room if you book on the night.

Because they know you’ll be having too much fun to want to go home. Especially since there is a new tapas menu, as well as other snacks and fine dining options and live entertainment.

Why would you want to be anywhere else? Be spontaneous!

Directions to The Fairway
Setperk road
011 478 8000

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