Valentine’s Cocktail Specials at Protea Hotel Balalaika

Brand new cocktail specials have arrived at Protea Hotel Balalaika for the month of February. 

Whether you’re at The Bull Run, The Terrace, Destination Lounge & Bar, Lords Bar, or indulging in room service, these concoctions promise to elevate your experience.

Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in the seductive charm of Balalaika’s signature cocktails.

  • Unleash your inner taste buds and embrace the allure of every sip with half price off all of their red cocktails.
  • The Love Potion Cocktail, priced at R95, intertwines gin, Aperol, Campari, and a hint of lemon juice, crafting a perfect blend of bitter and citrusy flavors. Sip by sip, it captivates, igniting passion and enchantment.
  • For those craving a tangy delight, the Lovebug cocktail, priced at R85, combines cranberry juice with the zesty essence of lemon and lime, embraced by the smoothness of vodka.

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 Maude Street Sandown, Sandton, South Africa
 011 322 5000

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