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There’s never a “perfect time” to start treating your body and mind better. We’re only human. We make mistakes, we make excuses. But the best bit is that once we fall, we can stand right back up and get back to it again. Eat Well, Live Well understand that, and they understand that we need a little boost and a little guidance along the way. With the nights getting shorter, the days getting longer, and the (somewhat distant) smell of summer edging ever closer – what better a time to start looking at eating and living more healthily with Eat Well Live Well at your back.

The programme takes the guesswork out of your healthy living journey. Whenever you see their bright green stamp of approval, it shows that it is either high in a nutrient you should be increasing in your diet, like fibre and vitamins, or low in nutrients you should try to avoid, such as excessive sugars and salts.

Eat Well, Live Well have a very strict criteria and not all products are approved, but if you visit their website, you’ll find an overview of what they have endorsed along with a bunch of recipes to help you to keep things interesting. You’ll also find a super useful table on GDA (guideline daily amounts).

But they’re not just about what you put in your body, but how you nurture your body and mind. There are hundreds of healthy living tips to keep you physically and mentally active and in tip-top form. You can even create your own bucket list to plan your goals for their year – from cycling routes, events, races, and games and more.

So next time you go shopping, even if you only decide to start with one of their endorsed products, look out for the “Live Well, Eat Well” logo and make a healthier choice.


Written by Marvin

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