Gastao’s is a unique local tapas and craft beer house that provides a friendly environment for people to enjoy some of the best locally produced craft beer paired with awesome Portuguese style Tapas.

The restaurant provides some of the best Portuguese flared tapas dishes, inspired by the country’s regional cuisine. They source the right ingredients and liaise with local craft beer providers so that we provide a genuine experience for our customers.

Traditionally, the serving of tapas is designed to encourage conversation, because people are not so focused upon eating an entire meal that is set before them. Served with local craft beers, tapas are based on simple, inexpensive ingredients, easy recipes and straightforward presentation.Tapas can be eaten informally ‘en la barra’ (at the bar) or ‘en la mesa’ (at a table where enough tapas can be ordered for a full meal). Rustic décor, nice tunes and warming hospitality will help to create the right ambience.

What with all those bite-size delicacies to be shared, along with a pitcher of lovely craft beers and a awesome atmosphere. But in a setting like Gastao’s, great food and a awesome vibe downright gives itself, body and soul, to a great relaxed time. Picture rich jewel tones and low lights, wrought-iron fixtures and a room that glows gold.

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Directions to Gastao’s
Tygervalley Waterfront
Niagar Raod No 2
021 914 1728