Dim Sum & Sushi Feast from Linkos Restaurant

Enjoy a sushi & dim sum feast at home! 

Linko Restaurant specialises in delicious Asian cuisine located on the Main Road in Observatory. Sushi, dim sum, noodles. There is something for everyone if you are craving delicious Asian cuisine. Sit-down dining as well as delivery & take-away is an option at this popular Asian eatery.

If you have a few friends coming over or whether it’s just a big feast for yourself, we can only recommend the Sushi Platters and Dumpling Box from Linko’s Restaurant. With a fantastic variety of their most popular sushi & dim sum creations included you won’t be disappointed with these perfectly curated platter options.

Linko’s Sushi Feast (custom order):

  • 4 Salmon Roses
  • 4 Salmon Rainbow Roll
  • 4 Rock Shrimp Roll
  • 4 Double Tempura Prawn Roll
  • 2 Prawn Beancurd Boat
  • 10 pieces of Crunch Prawn California Roll.

Whether you prefer more traditional sushi or are looking for a bit of crunch, this custom-made sushi platter caters for all tastes. The sushi rice was perfect and not too sticky, healthy portions of salmon, shrimp or prawns are used and the flavour was just immense. With 38 pieces, you definitely won’t walk away hungry!

Dumpling Box (R139):

  • 2 Pan Fried Pork Dumplings
  • 2 Pan Fried Veg Dumplings
  • 2 BBQ Pork Buns
  • 4 Steamed Siumai (Chicken & Pork)
  • 6 Deep Fried Won Ton.

We also ordered the Dumpling Box from Linkos which includes a total of 16 pieces of dim sum. The deep fried won tons where an absolute dream and my favourite of the five options. I also have to give a big mention to the fluffiest of buns that came with a delicious BBQ pork filling. These exploded with flavour as you bit into them. Simply delicious!

We shared these two platters with four people which worked out perfectly – a total of 54 pieces. With these two platters, I loved the fact that it didn’t include any type of sushi or dim sum that I wouldn’t have ordered from a standard menu as a single order. You get to enjoy the best they have to offer with a variety of tastes and textures that is similar to a tapas evening where everyone is getting to taste 5 – 6 different types of dim sum or sushi. Freshly made, delicious & fresh ingredients and full of flavour, we’ll be calling the team at Linkos Restaurant again for the next meet up or movie night.

Highly recommended. Give Linko’s a call to book your table. 

Directions to Linko Restaurant
88 Lower Main Rd
Cape Town

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