Celebrate NYE with at the Award-Winning Cavalli Estate

Indulge your senses this New Year’s Eve at Cavalli Estate Restaurant that recently clinched a prestigious Star at the Eat Out Award 2023.

Cavalli Estate promises an extraordinary dining experience as they bid farewell to the year in style.

Say cheers to 2023 with their carefully crafted NYE menu, a symphony of flavors curated to delight the palate.

  • The offerings include tantalizing snacks, an array of breads and spreads, and a meticulously designed selection of dishes. From the vibrant heirloom tomatoes and watermelon carpaccio adorned with fragrant herbs to the succulent wagyu beef paired with king oyster and fired chard, each dish is a masterpiece in itself.
  • For those with a penchant for vegetarian delights, Cavalli Estate presents a parallel NYE ’23 Vegetarian menu. Indulge in exquisite creations such as the globe artichoke with apple, cucumber, and radish in a ponzu and sake infusion or the delectable eggplant accompanied by king oyster and fired chard in a luscious xo sauce.
  • The culinary journey concludes with a sweet crescendo featuring star anise custard, white chocolate, and pineapple coconut.

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Elevate your dining experience this New Year’s Eve with Cavalli Estate Restaurant – where each dish is a celebration and every bite tells a story. For further information and reservations, please visit the Cavalli Estate website. Bon appétit!

 R44, Somerset West, South Africa
 021 855 3218

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