Breakfast & Cappucino Specials at Soet Society Cafe

At Soek Cakes, it’s all about the spongey goodness. And we all know that Soet does cakes best.

Soet Emporium in Durbanville is a one-stop creativity and culture shop for moms, business people, fashionistas, or just friends looking for a good cup of coffee. They host Soet Cakes, coffee, decor, art, fashion and beauty all under one roof.

This time the focus is on the fresh brews. Order any breakfast between 7am and 8:30am and get a free cappuccino on special. Now that’s motivation to get out of bed early!

Your day will be all uphill from there. Reserve your spot now.

Directions to Soet

11A Soet Lifestyle Centre

Village Square


021 975 5294

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